General Director – Prof. Oscar Embon


La Paz Medical Center is a pearl in the skyline of medical services of central-west Africa.

It is until recently, that the medical service level in this area of the world was a very basic one. Thanks to the vision of Mr. Teodoro Obiang Nsuema Mbasogo, the president of Equatorial Guinea, and the ambition of Mrs. Yardena Ovadia, this outstanding hospital was built.

La Paz Medical center is managed by IMS Ltd. led by Mrs. Yardena Ovadia and Mr. Arie Horesh.

La Paz Medical Center is a western level hospital, fully equipped with cutting edge medical devices, which can easily cope with the challenge of bringing the gold standard medical solutions to any health problem of the local population.

Our staff deals with “everyday sickness”, as Malaria or Meningitis, but also with complicated cases of Trauma, multi-disciplinary surgical interventions and treatment of pre-term neonates, severe burns etc.

With the help of the government of Equatorial Guinea we are making the first steps towards better preventative medicine and towards Health Education of the younger generation of Guinean people.

Beside of providing the best level of medical care, we – the staff of La Paz Medical Center – never forget our obligation to fulfill our duty at the highest level of service. It is with a constant smile and a constant loving hug, that we treat our patients. We never forget to hand out a comforting hand, and to support our patients in their hard times.

We all hope and believe that with the support of Mr. Obiang Enguema Embasogo, the pioneering spirit of Mrs. Yardena Ovadia, and the dedication of the professional staff, La Paz will continue to thrive to the benefit of Equatorial Guinea and the neighboring countries of West Africa.