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Laser endoscopic resection of prostate- here in La Paz Medical Center we Perform minimally invasive treatment of prostatic enlargement with short time hospitalization without post-operative pain .The patient can get back to his routine immediately

We offer – Endoscopic resection of tumor of lower urinary tract.

We offer – Laser Lithotripsy (holmium laser) – We perform examination of the lower and the upper urinary tract, through the urethra as surgical management of urinary tract calculi.                                                                                                                                                                                                  The procedure is without abdominal incision and the patient is usually free to go home in the same day of the operation.

We offer- Laparoscopic and open surgery of genitourinary tract neoplasm/ malformation.

We offer – Erectile dysfunction – medical and surgical treatment.

We offer- Male infertility Clinic – We perform Procedures to improve sperm production and quality.

We offer –Circumcision for kids and adults.