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A wide variety of services are available at La Paz Ophthalmology Department. Our doctors are fully qualified senior ophthalmologists with a wide range of clinical and surgical experience that are dedicated to pursue of excellence in healthcare delivery.

  • We are committed to the prevention of blindness and several public health promotions were held to raise patients’ awareness of blinding diseases.
  • The department performs diverse types of ocular surgeries, including: cataract extraction, retina and vitreous surgery, corneal transplants, glaucoma surgery, strabismus correction and reconstruction and removal of lesions. Department physicians have also acquired experience in treating severe traumatic injuries caused by traffic accidents and other causes. Oculoplastic treatments are also provided with the possibility of matching prosthesis in relevant cases.
  • The department encompasses a wide range of modern technological equipment. Advanced systems that enable performance of phacoemulsification for cataract surgeries and vitrectomy through a minimal cut in the eye wall. The latest treatments are performed at our outpatient clinic, including laser treatments and intravitreal Injections. Optometrical services are offered with automatic refractometer. Imaging systems including ultrasound of the posterior segment of the eye and biometric calculations for intraocular lens implantations are also performed.