ENT (Ears, Nose, Throat)

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The unit treats diseases related to the ear, nose and throat and is divided into two sections:

a. ENT Clinic
b. ENT outpatient unit

The Clinic provides:
Ambulatory treatment (without hospitalization) to every ENT related problem.
We have the ability to examine the ears with the aid of an elaborate microscope, to draw discharges from the ears and to diagnose hearing problems and diseases.

We have the ability to examine the vocal cords and the oral cavity with the aid of very sophisticated optical fiber equipment that allows very precise viewing and diagnosing of oral cavity and vocal cords diseases.
We also have the ability to examine and diagnose problems of the nasal cavities and facial sinuses
By using an advanced technology laboratory, we have the ability to diagnose tumors and other findings in the throat, including the thyroid gland.

The outpatient unit:
The outpatient unit cares for all those ENT patients that need to be hospitalized in order to receive treatment, such as administering antibiotics via IV or other diseises requiring hospitalization such as sudden deafness.
All awaiting surgery or post surgery patients are also hospitalized in the unit. The surgeries are performed in one of the hospital’s four modern operating theaters.

We perform following surgeries:
All the surgeries for the anatomic reparation of the ear and the hearing,
All the esthetic surgeries of the nose and ear,
All the surgeries for the improvement of nasal breathing,
All the surgeries meant to remove lesions in the mouth cavity and the throat
Surgeries treating hoarseness
Surgeries of the facial sinuses
Child surgeries for hearing improvement, tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy to improve breathing and growing.